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Hello viewers, my name is Shanique James. I am a college student at Lehman and I major in Business Administration. My dream is to own my own successful business when I finish college. I just started college about a year ago and I can’t wait to finish. I love college but I am very anxious about getting my degree. I am a college athlete who trains very hard so that I can be my best self. As a student-athlete, I ensure that my work is done and done right.
This year am taking a class called creative writing. I really appreciate that class because it helps me improve my writing. I am not the best writer but I will always try my best. The teacher made everyone workshop each other’s work and that helped me a lot. When students were pointing out my writing mistakes I was very thankful because they open my eye of a new dimension of writing. I appreciate my classmates because they were funny, truthful and very creative. When I read their stories I felt like a proud teacher. I am very glad to have this experience.

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